Avoidable Fees / Charges


It is advised that you read the list below of avoidable charges to save you some money and time. Most countries will have different rules for the import of your personal effects into them. If paperwork is incomplete or isn’t legal, then Customs will generally make a charge for this and the cost will be charged to you, as you own the goods. By adhering to the list below you should be able to ensure you don’t get any extra charges.

Date Changes

Any date or address changes to pre-booked storage return deliveries will attract a £30.00 administration fee

Change of Address

All documentation is located on our website at https://www.storageboys.co.uk/about-us/documentation/
Documentation needs to be returned at the time of collection and if we need to contact you to recover the outstanding documentation there could be an additional charge of £20.00 for each attempt to contact you, not exceeding once a week.
For every Door to Door consignment that needs to be customs-clearance on arrival at the destination country. Any change of address once the shipment has arrived will incur a £50.00 admin charge to facilitate this.

Waiting Time

If there is any waiting time incurred due to the client not being ready it is charged at £75.00 per hour (Minimum Charge is 1 Hour) and is at the discretion of the company.

Late Payment Fees

If payment is not received within 48 Hrs of the collection/ invoice date. late payment fees will be applied at the following rate: £45.00 and £45.00 for every additional week thereafter, After 12 weeks of non payment of any outstanding fees or charges your consignment will be disposed of at Storage Boys discretion.

Incorrectly labelled Boxes & Items

As professional packing / shipping boxes are supplied FREE of charge to pack your personal effects securely.

Any Item NOT labelled will be charged at £10.00 per item.

There will be a charge of £15.00 for any unused boxes not returned to the driver on collection of your items.

Weight Limits

Each box has a maximum weight allowance of 30kg. If any of the boxes in your consignment exceed the maximum weight, an additional charge of £10.00 per Kilogram  will be applied. The additional charge will be the accumulated exceeded weight calculated.

Incomplete Documentation:

(Penalty for not having ALL paperwork/sent in £50.00)
Please complete all paperwork that is advised at the time of collection. Any questions regarding completing the paperwork then visit our website at www.storageboys.co.uk where guidance is provided.
Paperwork received later than 7 days after the date of collection will be subject to administration fees and storage charges for your goods. Please ensure you have provided full addresses at the destination whichever service you have used. We also require a destination telephone number and contact e-mail addresses. UK mobile telephone numbers are not permitted as the contact number at destination if your delivery address is outside the UK.

Fees for Additional Storage / Confiscation

Additional storage must be paid at least 7 days prior to the current storage period expiring with a minimum of 8 weeks. Storage that is unused will be refunded (T&C Apply). Failure to make a required payment on time may incur a £25.00 late payment fee and a disposal notice will be issued if your storage payment continues to be in arrears.
Shipments by airfreight go through a security inspection which include an x-ray scan prior to loading. Storage Boys cannot return any confiscated goods under any circumstances. Any Prohibited / Hazardous Goods found in your shipment will be removed and destroyed. Confiscation of ‘Prohibited Goods’ will incur an additional charge of £75.00


Deliveries to hotels attract a £50.00 surcharge