Excess Baggage to Thailand

Excess Baggage to Thailand

Sending your Student Shipping and Excess Baggage to Thailand?

Starting a new Life or moving back to Thailand after your studies, then you will need our Student Shipping or Excess Baggage Services.

When choosing what company to ship your excess baggage and student shipping to Thailand never just go on Price. Make sure that you get competitive quotes from reputable companies –with so many factors that need to be considered when transporting your excess baggage to Thailand. We offer a very good Air freight Service from £2.25 per Kg or Sea Freight Service

Storage Boys are experts at shipping student excess baggage and excess baggage to Thailand- and our excellent reputation is earned through our continuing dedication to faultless customer service. With the supply of free packing materials you know your goods will arrive there safe and sound.

When shipping excess baggage to Thailand, a customer generally has many decisions to make, including: Storage Boys professional staff is always on hand to offer sound advice and expert information ensuring you select the safest, most cost-effective and most efficient way of transporting your excess baggage and Student Shipping to Thailand.