Excess Baggage to the USA

Excess Baggage to the USA

NB Please note that sending any FOOD Stuffs will be subject to FDA regulations and may prevent your shipment being delivered.

Excess Baggage to USA and Student Shipping to USA can be as simple as arranging your flight for to this destination. If your reason for travelling abroad is work or study all you need to do is to find a company that is reliable and let them deal with it.

Storage Boys Excess Baggage and Student Excess Baggage specialise in moving people and Students city to city or country to country, transporting their possessions. Storage Boys transport those items you can’t take on your flight or need to arrive before or after your arrival date. Our stress-free, reliable and secure Excess Baggage to the USA and Student Shipping service to the USA is just a phone call or click away.

Airport check-ins are no place to find that you have gone your weight limit. Using our Excess Baggage to the USA and Student Shipping service to the USA you can be guaranteed of a quick and simple service that costs relatively little when compared with airline rates. Storage Boys friendly and professional staff can arrange collection of your items and delivery to their destination wherever that might be and whenever you would like them to arrive.

When you contact us, our friendly employees can advise you to choose the best service for your specific requirements. We will explain all the services so that we can make sure that your items are transported for the best value for money and arrive when and where they are supposed to. Knowing that when you are shipping to the USA and have chosen the right carrier for your excess baggage, student shipping, will give you peace of mind.
When emigrating to another country / territory the whole process of moving can be quite stressful, so shipping to the USA with Storage Boys you will know that your possessions will be handled with care throughout their progress from pick-up to delivery. Moving shouldn’t be stressful, it is supposed to be an enjoyable time, and it can be if you choose the right company to help you.

Shipping your Excess baggage and Student Shipping to the USA made easy by Storage Boys