Excess Baggage to India

Excess Baggage to India


Knowing that when you ship your un-accompanied excess baggage to India it will be transported safely and securely is important. Regardless if you are going for short term or long term – business or pleasure. You don’t want to be worrying about your items arriving in one piece, on time and to the right place.

Air freight from £2.60 Per Kg is the best option when shipping excess baggage to India.  Air freight is quick and relatively inexpensive.  But you will probably find that sea freight is the more cost-effective way of transporting larger items although they will of course take longer to arrive.

When shipping excess baggage or Student shipping to India it is essential the customs regulations are followed very carefully. Making sure that the correct paperwork is completed before you leave is always the best idea. The Excess baggage shipping company will be providing you with a list of documents that need to be completed for the shipment.

One must be aware of the prohibited and restricted Items when shipping excess baggage or student shipping to India, Items such as weapons and narcotics are not be allowed into the country.

Make full use of the expertise of the Shipping Company’s expertise and professional knowledge when preparing your Excess baggage or Student Shipping to India, remember they do this every day and  know all there is to know about the Customs rules & regulations.  Shipping your excess baggage or Student Shipping to India does not have to be a stressful experience when you use Storage Boys