Excess Baggage to Hyderabad

Excess Baggage to Hyderabad


People travelling to Hyderabad often find that they are over the strict excess baggage to Hyderabad limits imposed by the Airlines. Arriving at the Airport and finding out that your excess baggage to Hyderabad is over the allowed limit and having to pay an expensive bill to pay for your excess baggage to Hyderabad is not something you want to pay.

Storage Boys Excess Baggage to Hyderabad and luggage shipping to Hyderabad service is very affordable with our Air freight rate from £2.97 per Kg, which will help you travel with all of your personal effects whether relocating or travelling for a holiday to visit family. Sending your Excess baggage to Hyderabad ahead will save you money and the trouble of cutting down the weight of your excess baggage.

An Airline Handling Charge of £40 is applicable to all Airport arrival shipments and weight is calculated by actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is the greater. Minimum Shipment weight is 25Kgs.

Air freight rates are calculated on the greater of the actual weight or volumetric weight, the formula is calculated Length cm x Height cm x Width cm divided by 6000 or 4000 depending on service.

Door to Airport Shipments exclude Customs Clearance, Destination Port/Airport Fees & Delivery at Destination.

Air Freight & Sea Freight Door to Door Shipments include the above services but exclude Duties & Taxes, Cargo Dues fees in South Africa (unless prepaid on collection) and Quarantine Fees in Australia & New Zealand, Deliveries on door to door shipments are based on a 50km/30 mile radius from Port of Entry shown on the contract.

Sea Freight Door to Port

Our Door to Port Excess Baggage shipping service allows you to collect your shipment on its arrival at the destination port. In most cases, as the owner/sender, you will need to collect your Excess Baggage personally, clear it through customs and settle any terminal charges, customs duty, local tax or wharfage fees – including, where applicable, New Zealand/Australia quarantine fees.