Excess Baggage to Singapore

Excess Baggage to Singapore

Sea Freight Door to Port Service

Excess Baggage to Singapore is a simple and fast process when you chose the right Excess Baggage Shipping Company. Doing a little home work on what the requirements and process are always a good way to ensure you move is smooth and stress free.
Excess Baggage and Student Shipping to Singapore is a very common practice now, not much different to posting a letter if you utilise the Air Freight services of a reliable and professional Excess Baggage shipping company. Our Air Freight Excess Baggage / Student shipping to Singapore is a very popular service amongst Students shipping to Singapore. A few things to take into consideration,

Does the Excess baggage Shipping Company have a good reputation for shipping to Singapore?

Does the Shipping Company provide you with all the information you will need for Excess Baggage / Student Shipping to Singapore?

Does the Shipping Company provide you with professional packing materials Free for your Student Shipping to Singapore?

Storage Boys shipping to Singapore service offers all of the above and more. With a goal and work ethos to help our clients every step of the way we have listed a few helpful tips below.

  1. Prohibited Items
    There may be a number of prohibited items that you may not send with your excess baggage shipment to Singapore so we suggest that you contact us or check out our Hazardous Goods Form.
  1. Customs
    Customs officials may well wish to inspect your shipment; this is where a detailed inventory of contents will make the process easier, along with all shipping paperwork or documentation.
  1. Packing your bags
    Please attach Shipping labels to both the inside and the outside of your Excess baggage Boxes and suitcases. Fragile items should be packed in the centre of your boxes or bags and surrounded in soft materials. All boxes and bags must be securely sealed to prevent them from opening in transit.