Storage Boys FAQ  

What can I Store?

You can store pretty much anything you like, as long as it fits in one of our boxeStorage boys large boxes (41cm x 51cm x 61cm max 30kgs)  storage boys standard boxes (41cm x 51cm x 31cm max 30kgs) suitcase (75cm x 55cm x 35cm max 30kgs) and it’s not illegal, dangerous, perishable or can be easily damaged. For items bigger than a box, email us at [email protected] See our terms and conditions for a full list of exclusions.

What is the weight restriction on what the boxes can be?

We ask you to limit each box to a maximum of 30kg. Our boxes are quite big, so if you were to fill them with books, they would be too heavy. If you distribute the heavier items over all the boxes, and mix them with lighter items like and clothes and bedding, then you’ll be ok.

Any overweight individual box/item will be charged £5 per additional kg per month. So for example a 35 kg box would be 5 kg overweight, so charged an extra £25 per month.

Our Boxes

We supply FREE of Charge – Boxes and Tape for anyone who books with us. Our Boxes are manufactured to a very high standard to ensure the safety of your items. Storage Boys large boxes (41cm x 51cm x 61cm max 30kgs) Storage Boys standard boxes (41cm x 51cm x 31cm max 30kgs)  

Additional Items

We accept suitcases (75cm x 55cm x 35cm max 30kgs) and other items if you email [email protected] with these we will let you know if they are permitted.

Charges / Pricing

Minimum Storage

Our minimum storage period is 4 weeks and the charges are added weekly thereafter. Our Minimum storage fee is £150.00 We charge a £50.00 deposit on booking (which is deducted from your final fee) the balance of the fee needs to be paid within 48 Hrs of receiving the confirmation email of your collection.

Storage Boys REFUNDS Policy

All Payments are in UK PoundsThere will be a £20.00 administration fee for any refund which will be deducted from the deposit. All refunds are at management’s discretion  and processed 7 Days after request. The client has the right to cancel the contract within 7 days of payment of the deposit as long as no goods or services have been carried out. Refunds will be made to the card that the deposit was taken from and are at the managements discretion. All refunds must be requested via email [email protected]

Where will the goods be stored?

We have a number of purpose-built storage facilities. All have 24-hour security and CCTV, advanced fire and flood prevention systems, and no public access. We don’t allocate you your own room. This way you only pay for the space you actually use and we can pass on the savings to you.

Deliveries & Collections

What area do you cover?

Our standard pricing and service covers most of the London area within the M25 /Egham / Uxbridge / Kingston-Upon-Thames . If you are outside of this area, we can still help, but an extra charge will be required. Contact us for a quote at [email protected]

What are your delivery/ collection hours?

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Saturday from 9am to 4pm. (Extra Charges Apply) 

Sunday – Closed

Can I change my order details

Yes, send your request to [email protected]

Will the driver help me carry my boxes?

Our drivers have trolleys and always help carry the boxes. Our standard service is to collect from the ground floor reception area, so our drivers can be on time for the next customer.

How do I get my items back from storage?

Go to https://www.storageboys.co.uk/student-storage/return-of-storage/ and fill in your details.