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Student Storage

Storage Boys have the secure storage facilities for Students that require student storage over the summer break. With our extensive network of agents around the country we are able to offer you storage in all major cities in the UK for a very affordable price.

Storage Boys also provide FREE Packing materials so that you don’t have to use bin bags or second hand boxes from the supermarket. We supply the best packing tape so that you can securely seal your Boxes for the duration of your student storage. We also gladly take Suitcases only with your original boxes for TV’s and Monitors.

Some of the Cities that we are very popular in are Egham, Guildford, London, Uxbridge, Oxford, Cambridge just to name a few.

Our process is very simple we deliver the boxes to you that you requested; once you have packed them you arrange to have them collected and then we store them for you. 7 days before you require them delivered back to you send us an email and we will arrange the final payment and get your Student Storage delivered back.

London Universities
University of Arts London
City University London
London South Bank University
Kings College London
University of Birmingham
University of Leicester
Oxford University
University of Nottingham
Royal Holloway & Egham 
University of Reading
University of Guildford
University of Warwick
University of Coventry
University of Loughborough
University of Kingston
University of Southampton
University of Portsmouth
University of Brighton
University of Bournemouth