Student Storage London

Student Storage In London From Just £1 Per Box, Per Week!

Finding adequate Student Storage London solutions as a student in London can be challenging, especially considering the limited space and high costs in the city.

Student Storage London services offer a convenient and secure way for students to store their belongings during breaks or when transitioning between accommodations. Whether you’re a local student or an international student studying in London, having access to reliable storage facilities can make your life much easier!

If you need Student Storage in London and Student Moving to London, call a member of the Storage Boys team today or get a free quote.

Storage Boys can deliver FREE packing material, collect your belongings, and re-deliver back to your student accommodation when you return from your vacation.

Storage Boys operate in London and all other UK cities. Over the years we’ve established an excellent reputation amongst students and therefore we visit all the major student accommodation halls in London on a daily basis.

We offer a very reliable service for students. We cover most Cities in the UK. The service includes the delivery of free packing materials. You can also use your own Suitcases or Boxes but only if they are strong. There is a Minimum £70.00 charge or 4 weeks minimum period whichever is greater on all Storage Contracts. If the period is less than 4 weeks it is charged as a Mini Move. Our charges are calculated per week or Part thereof.

Key Benefits

FREE Boxes: Delivered to your door.
BBStandard Box (41cm x 51cm x 31cm max 30kgs)
BBBig Box (41cm x 51cm x 61cm max 30kgs)
FREE Packing Materials, We supply quality Buff Tape and Bubble wrap.
FREE Delivery / Collection / Return Delivery. The delivery of the empty boxes is to your ground floor/reception area. Collection is on the day requested from the ground floor/reception area. When you have requested your goods returned and we have confirmed your date we will deliver your items back to you.

Student Storage London

What is Student Storage?

Student storage refers to the service offered by storage facilities specifically tailored to the needs of students. These facilities provide short-term storage options for students who need to store their belongings during breaks or while transitioning between accommodations. In cities like London, where space is limited and accommodations may not offer adequate storage options, student storage services become invaluable.

Why Choose Storage Boys for Student Storage in London?

London, as one of the most vibrant and bustling cities in the world, attracts students from all corners of the globe. However, the high cost of living and the limited space in accommodations pose significant challenges for students, especially when it comes to storing their belongings. Our Storage Boys Student Storage London service addresses these challenges by offering affordable, secure, and flexible storage solutions tailored to the needs of students.

Tips for Booking Student Storage:

  1. Plan Ahead: Book your storage unit well in advance, especially during peak seasons like summer break, to ensure availability.
  2. Choose the Right Quantity of boxes: Estimate the amount of storage space you’ll need based on the items you plan to store to avoid overpaying.
  3. Review Terms and Conditions: Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the storage agreement, including cancellation policies and insurance coverage.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you pick up belongings from in London?

We offer a FREE collection right from your doorstep. Our moving van and removals team arrive at a designated address at a given time to collect and load your belongings from your London address.

Do you offer discounts for students?

With our incredibly low rates for storage, students in London already receive our highly discounted rates compared with our competitors. Be sure to give our storage team a call for your FREE quote!

What if I forgot how many boxes you are storing for me?

We keep a detailed inventory and list of the number of boxes and crates you have in our storage units. Your items are listed as you labeled them when we collected them, so you can have peace of mind nothing will be lost.

Are the London Storage units secure?

The London storage units are monitored through 24/7 CCTV surveillance and have an alarm system installed. They are also secured by a padlock. We maintain stringent security and ensure that your things are always kept safe.

What makes Storage Boys different from other student storage London companies?

We offer a complete hassle-free all-inclusive storage solution rather than just a service. We offer FREE collection and returns right at your doorstep! No need to come to our units and waste your valuable learning time. Get complete peace of mind that your belongings will be stored securely and professionally.

Areas We Cover In London

Universities and Colleges of London

We collect and re-deliver to all of London’s Universities and colleges! No matter where you are located in the city, our student storage London service has got your covered! Give one of the team a call today and we would be happy to provide you a free quote and get you booked in time for the summer!